Cyprus resembles an open-air museum, it is filled with many landscapes, different legends, myths and stories, as well as warm beaches. On the island, you can travel back in time to the Neolithic era, since there are still sites from this period! There are also Roman theaters, Greek temples, Byzantine theaters, the first Christian monasteries in history, Gothic cathedrals and even Venetian walls! Everything that only your eye wants to see.

The most popular and modern resort of Ayia Napa is located in Cyprus. Here you can swim under water or just relax in a very cozy and romantic place. And also to feel the calmness and homely atmosphere that the locals are happy to give.

In a resort called Paphos, you will see magnificent landscapes and you can walk through historical sites. This is just for those who wish to relax and learn something new. This resort attracts couples of all ages.

In the resort of Larnaca, both lovers and those who came here on business will find comfort. Nightlife is especially active here, there are many water activities, beaches. But there are also romantic places where you can retire.

There are many cafes and restaurants open in Cyprus, where you can always enjoy national dishes (for example, meze – assorted different dishes and snacks, including sauces; Arabic appetizer – hummus; delicious Cypriot sausages – lukanika; fabulous octapods – octopus and great number of dishes and desserts). Which cannot but please true gourmets.

It should be noted that the main population of Cyprus is composed of Greek Cypriots, and these are very hospitable, cheerful and inventive people who are always happy to meet tourists.

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