Visa processing is a complex, lengthy and laborious process. At the same time, it is much easier to obtain a visa through an intermediary company than to do everything on your own, without having experience in solving such issues. In many cases, foreign embassies that use the services of a notarized translation agency may refuse to obtain a visa.

Since each country has its own requirements for obtaining visas, there can be an infinite number of reasons for refusals. For a start, the consulate may be refused if a person is suspected of any criminal intentions, for example, terrorism. If your passport contains stamps about travel to other countries, then this is a guarantee that you are most likely planning to return home. If there is no visa history, then the visa application will be refused.

An equally common reason for refusals is the submission of false information, i.e. specifying an incorrect phone number or a fictitious place of work that cannot be verified. If such errors occur, whether accidental or deliberate, you will still be denied a visa. Also, a refusal can be received in the absence of any documents. In this case, you are given several days in order to correct the error and convey the remaining information.

If you behave suspiciously at the embassy during an interview, are confused about the answers regarding the purpose of the trip and information about yourself, then the consular officer has every right to refuse you without explaining the reasons or arrange an additional interview.

If you are going abroad to visit your relatives, then you must have an official invitation from them. Otherwise, you will be banned from entering this country, since your relatives may live in it illegally.

It is recommended to pay attention to the requirements of a particular embassy. In most cases, there are complaints about the photos (the wrong background or the size of the photo itself). To avoid problems with the consulate, you should visit the website of the embassy of the country to which you want to travel in advance. When traveling in the Schengen countries, you must have at least 50 euros in stock per day. If your bank account does not have enough funds, you may be denied a visa.

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A visa may be refused if you have been brought to criminal or administrative responsibility at least once. Also, visa services take into account the presence of previous refusals and ascertain their reasons.

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