Real estate is a good option for maintaining and increasing assets. Even a small reserve of funds (from about one and a half million rubles) allows you to purchase a promising area in some cities of the country.

The professional appraisal of commercial real estate available for ordering at is the ideal choice today.

There are several types of real estate objects for investment:

• apartments;

• country houses;

• commercial real estate. Possessing large funds and wanting to engage in real estate, businessmen invest in it. In this case, such an owner is responsible for maintaining the premises, establishing order for control. Entrepreneurs for small businesses buy warehouses, premises on the ground floors of houses;

• land. Investing money in land is a risky option. However, experts who know how to make forecasts buy land cheaply and sell it four times more expensive.

Experts believe that it is most profitable to invest in apartments still under construction. Square meters before the commissioning of the object is much cheaper at cost than when the house becomes residential. Prices rise by forty percent. This property can be rented or sold for good margins. One-room apartments and studios are in demand for renting. Therefore, an apartment in a new building in a residential area is considered the best place for investment. It is more profitable to buy secondary housing closer to the center of any city.

There are differences when investing in residential and commercial real estate. They are as follows:

• price. The purchase of retail space and offices requires more money than buying an apartment .;

• profitability. By renting out an apartment, the owner receives an income of up to six percent per annum. At the same time, the recoupment of the object will be 20 years. Renting commercial space in a prime location brings the owner ten percent, and sometimes more, of the value of the property;

• payment of commission. When renting an apartment, the renter pays for the services of a broker. When renting out commercial real estate, the landlord has to pay for intermediary services;

• tenants. Square meters of commercial space are usually rented by legal entities that are interested in long-term cooperation. According to these transactions, the terms of the contract are very rarely violated. In addition, if any problems arise, then there are opportunities to recover compensation from a legal entity.

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