Hannover is a large administrative center that has earned the fame of the main exhibition city in Germany. It hosts an annual industrial fair that attracts exhibitors from all over the world. A large number of shady parks and picturesque lakes create a very cozy atmosphere in the city, despite the busy business life.

A tourist route “red line” has been developed especially for the guests, covering all the main attractions. It starts from the main station and passes through Krepko Square, on which the old clock is located – one of the symbols of the city. Lovers traditionally make dates near them, and the newlyweds stop the wedding procession for a few minutes. It is believed that this ritual will ensure a happy family life.

Excursions in Hanover will not miss the Herrenhausen Gardens, which consist of a whole complex of magnificent landscape parks. Hundreds of rare ornamental plants are collected on a huge territory. Antique fountains and sculptures round off this beautiful piece of Baroque art.

Attractions Aachen

Aachen appeared on the world map with the light hand of the Romans, who decided to build a city in an area rich in minerals. The city quickly turned into one of the industrial centers of Germany. During the era of Charlemagne, it acquired the status of the official residence of the Frankish rulers. Today it is called the city of students, because the technical university accepts applicants from all over Europe.

The symbol of the city is the Cathedral. The building has an excellent interior design. The main hall still has a luxurious chandelier – a gift from Friedrich Barbarossa. A throne made of noble marble and a sarcophagus with the remains of Charlemagne are among the extremely valuable museum exhibits.

The Market Square houses the Town Hall, Granus Tower and the Church in honor of Mary and Peter. The Zurond-Ludwig Museum has a magnificent exhibition of paintings and sculptures. The Coofen Museum attracts visitors with a unique collection of medieval furniture.

The main natural attraction is Burtscheid Park. It was formed around a thermal spring discovered in the 16th century. Its territory, decorated with rare plants, ancient fountains and sculptures, is a permanent venue for a variety of cultural events.

Attractions Augsburg

Augsburg is considered one of the most ancient cities in Germany. Its prime location on the way to Italy has made it a successful shopping center. He reached his heyday in the 16th century, but the 30-year war caused him irreparable damage, after which he could not recover.

Most of the sights are concentrated in the central square, which is called the Rathausplatz. It houses the Town Hall, which is an excellent example of Renaissance architecture. Particularly popular is the Golden Hall, which contains sculptures and paintings by famous masters. A view from the observation deck of the Perlachturm Tower will allow you to appreciate the splendor of the city and its surroundings.

Particularly noteworthy is the Fuggerei quarter, which consists of well-preserved old buildings. The main religious attraction of the city is the Cathedral of St. Mary. Its construction took almost six hundred years. The building is notable for an underground chapel and a beautiful altar; its walls are decorated with statues of saints and frescoes.

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