A resume is the first and fundamental step in finding a job. And if you are now busy with a search, then the first thing to do is to write your resume competently and send it to the maximum possible number of potential employers.

GorodRabot.ru has prepared some tips for those who want to write a resume .

Resume delivery methods

The resume can be brought to the selected company in person, or sent by regular or e-mail. Theoretically, it is possible to send a resume by fax, but in practice it is better to avoid this method, since the quality of its transmission can negatively affect the appearance of the questionnaire.

Resume design

It is desirable that the resume be typed on a computer and saved in .rtf format. It should be printed on high quality white paper; sometimes, at the request of companies, it is necessary to add a photo to the resume. In any case, the length of the resume should not exceed one and a half pages. If you are sending your resume by regular mail rather than email, it is preferable to send all originals rather than copies.

Key summary points

Indicate the desired position. The full name is highlighted in type, the date of birth and age should also be written in large size. Home address, contact phone numbers are indicated.

When describing education, it is worth mentioning only those courses that are relevant for obtaining this particular position. Tell us about additional skills, knowledge of foreign languages, the ability to operate a computer and work with various programs, skills in managing office equipment. If you have a driver’s license and a private car, this is also worth mentioning. Just listing all these data, one should not exaggerate, since they are all easily verified, and if it turns out that you have given inaccurate information, it will not play into your hands.

Be sure to include several jobs for a period of no more than ten years, starting with the last one and following in reverse order. List your responsibilities and specify what exactly prompted you to start looking for a new job.

Finally, for the job to be yours, be sure to describe your strengths, such as communication, responsibility, learning, and so on.
Good luck looking for a new job!

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